Marie Louise Pedersen

Marie Louise Pedersen

Classical music festival and clubhouse - simultaneously

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Hindsgavl Castle is a modern, versatile castle. Not only will the castle serve as clubhouse for the best female matchrace sailors from all over the world during the 2015 ISAF Women's Match Racing World Championship from 8 to 12 July. The castle will also provide the framework for a classical music festival, the 'Hindsgavl Festival'. Simultaneously. The festival takes place July 6-16.

This year's festival program reflects some of the best artists that the international world of classical music has to offer. Among the artists you'll find two Sonning Music Prize winners, a pianist with an Oscar winning movie career and two winners of the Nordic Council Music Prize.

New this year is the festival's own elite ensemble for selected conservatory students from the Scandinavian countries. News of a more practical kind is that there'll be more legroom this year, since some of the concerts will be held in the castle barn that has been acoustically optimized for classical music.

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